digems – FAQs

Which IPod nano is the digems kit 1
designed to fit?  
It is exclusively for the iPod nano 6G.

Can I order more than one kit at a time?
We have tried, on your behalf, to keep the price of the digems kit 1 as low as possible.
We therefore only deliver one digems kit 1 per order, which helps to keep our time down whilst also ensuring that the goods come through customs smoothly. This works for everyone!

How long does delivery take?  
Delivery within Germany takes 1-2 working days, within Europe and worldwide it's about one to two weeks.

Is the delivery insured?
Every digems kit 1 is sent recorded delivery.

What is included in the delivery inventory?
The digems kit 1 consists of the Body, Ring
and Bracket. Using a simple trick they slot together easily. An iPod or chain is not included in the inventory list. Designs ("Gems") can be found for free in our Download area.

Can I listen to music whilst wearing the digem?
Yes. No problem at all!

Can I use any chain?
We have designed the digems kit 1 to be used with the widest possible variety of chains. Provided there is enough stability, the chain can be as thin as possible. There is no chance of exceeding the proportionally generous circumference of 0,6 cm though!

Is there another means of payment other than Paypal?
Yes. please send us a mail: question|at|digems.com.

Will I still be able to see the back of my iPod nano 6G?  
Yes, the digems kit 1 is constructed in a way that leaves the look of your iPod virtually unaltered. Only the metal bracket and, if used, the ring stick out.

Can I get different images to display in cycle on the iPod.
Yes, from an album you can get different images to run as a slideshow.

How long does the battery last?
It depends on the settings (display length, slideshow, brightness etc). The age of your iPod affects the operating time. 

What if my question hasn't been answered?
Send us an email to question|at|digems.com.